Caleb Masters

Front End Developer. UX Promoter. BBQ Lover.

Hi my name is Caleb. I believe the internet should be beautiful as well as functional. I don't feel I'm alone in that. I have the wonderful job of helping to make that happen.

Caleb Masters

Who I am

I began web design in 1998 during my free time at the end of the school day. I made websites for myself, friends, and local bands.

The amount of animated gifs and "under construction tags" was amazing to behold. In the following 15 years I've refined my techniques to a completely tolerable level.

What I do

In Front End Development/Design I focus primarily on CSS, HTML, jQuery, & end user experience when making my products.

Contact Me

I'm currently quite happily employeed with the wonderful company and am not freelancing at this time.

However If you'd like, you can still reach me through my contact page.